A Baby Koala is called Joey

“Joey” is the most common name that is specifically referred to the Baby Koalas. In fact “Joey” is not only used for the Koalas, but also for many other babies of the mammals that belongs to the Marsupial family for an example Opossum, Kangaroos etc. Therefore, to make things more specific and precisely speaking, usually the babies Koalas are referred as Koala Joeys or just the joeys. But if one will say joey, it will still be confusing because no one knows which marsupial joey is being discussed. Therefore, the Koala Joey is the right label in this regard.

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A Koala Joey.
Picture of a Baby Koala. Koalas' Babies are specifically referred to as "Koala Joeys".  

At the time of birth, the Koala Joeys are just 32 days old from inside the womb of their mothers (Their actual age starts from day 1 from the day they come out of their mothers' womb). Sometimes, they are 35 days old as well. They remain Joeys until they reach the age of one year. Koala Joeys are not that much active at all at the time of birth and neither they do after couple of months as well, unless they reach the second year of their lives.

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A baby Koala Joey.
A baby Koala Joey emerges after 32 days of gestation period within her mother's womb. Bab Koala Joeys are not very active at birth.  

Many writers also write new born Koalas as baby Koalas well. The word has been used on majority of occasions within the books. Therefore, both “Koala Joeys” and “Baby Koalas” are the key terms that are interchangeable used for one another. However, the correct word might well be the Koala Joey for any newborn Koala.

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A Small Koala Joey.
Picture of a small Koala Joey. Koala Joeys are very small at the time of their births.