Core Recognizing Features of Koalas

Koalas are immediately recognizable through their immediate looks and physical features. In fact initially when the early settlers came to Australia, they failed to recognize Koalas and misunderstood it with sloth. However, later and today koalas have enjoyed a specific status because of koalas' special features. Koalas are so much easily differentiated from the other animals that even a kid can quickly spot Koala because of some of its highly recognizable features. Let's go through different recognizable features of the Koalas to make it highly distinctive for the readers.

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Koalas are recognized through their slower movements.
Koalas are recognized through their lazy movements. They were as slow as the sloths. This Picture belongs to  

First of all Koalas are easily recognizable through their rounded ears. These rounded ears are very curvy and they are very thick. A very thick layer of fur covers the ears of the Koalas. Koalas ears can also be mistake with the ears of the teddy bears but they are different because of their grayish color as well.

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Koalas are recognized through their Rounded and Fluffy ears
Picture of a Koala from an Australia Zoo. Koalas are recognized through their Rounded and Fluffy Ears. Picture Courtesy of  

Second biggest feature of the Koala that differentiates Koalas from the other animals is their dominant nose. For some analysts this nose is like trunked shape, while others compare it with the spoon-shaped in location. Koalas big dominant nose can easily spotted since its skin has a very lighter color and its nose is very dark. Therefore, as a result of that the nose which is usually big and dark becomes highly recognizable for the viewers.

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Koalas are recognized through their dominant nose.
A Key recognizing feature of the Koalas is their dominant dark colored nose. Almost the first visage on the animal typically spots over the nose of the Koala than its any other physical body part. Special thanks to 

Third Koalas fur is very fluffy and it has a grayish color. This fur is scattered all throughout the body of the Koalas including the area of the pouch. Koalas develop thick or thin fur depending upon different weather conditions, where they use to maintain a specific habitat. Fourth important feature of the Koalas which really serves as its recognizing attribute proves out to be their button-shaped eyes. Koalas have button-shaped eyes and these eyes are usually dark in color from the far sight. However, a closer examination will always reveal that Koalas have dark brown eyes and the eyes of the Koalas are also resembled with marble balls as well.

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Koalas are recognized through their fluffy fur.
Koalas are also recognized with the help of their fluffy fur. Their fur is even magical as well, as it does not allow the rain to stay on their bodies, especially during the winters. This Picture Belongs to 

Koalas pouch is also a very dominant recognizable component for identifying a Koala. The pouch is usually very small, and if the Koala is female, there is usually one off-spring inside that pouch. The offspring- use to stay inside the pouch and feed on the mothers' milk. Finally above all, a teddy bear like animal which has no tail and is beyond the level of cuteness is the best recognizing attribute for the Koalas. Among all the tree climbing animals, Koalas are one of the cutest ones in the world. However, this statement might be exaggerating, but yet still; they are always worthy to be called as cute and cuddly. People adore them for their cuteness. Their cuteness becomes more dominant when an individual find them in their sleeping posture with the offspring just slept on their back or inside their pouch.

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Female Koala Joeys are recognized with the help of the pouches attached to their bellies.
Female Koala are also recognized with the help of their pouch. Only female Koalas have pouch attached at their bellies. In the picture you can see the female Koala and its young baby Joey inside the pouch of its mother.