For How Long a Female Koala can Give Birth to the Koala Joeys?

Female Koalas live longer; however, they can only give birth at the age of 10 years or sometimes more than that. But normally they stop giving births after the age of 10 years. In some rare cases the female koalas can also give birth after 10 years too, but that may happen far and few and will also depend upon the health of the female koalas as well.

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Female Koalas can give birth for upto 10 years.
On Average a female Koala can give birth to a young koala joey at the maximum age of around 10 years. This Picture belongs to 

Female Koalas start mating from the 3rd year of their life. However, according to some other observations, the female started to mate from 2nd years onwards and started giving birth from their 2nd year as well. This behavior is almost normal for the female koalas, as many other female mammals’ maximum age is almost similar. For example dogs’ maximum birth age is also around 8 to 10 years.

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Female Koalas start mating from 3 years.
Female Koalas start mating from almost 3rd year of their lives. A few exceptions are there in which a female Koalas' mating period goes beyond 3 years and in some rare cases, a female koala successfully breeds at the age of less than 3 years as well. This Picture belongs to 

But since female Koalas live longer and have an average life of 16 to 17 years, therefore, after 10 years, for the next 6 to 7 years of their life, they live without giving any births. Therefore, a single female koala in its entire life can give around 4 to 5 times the birth, out of which, sometimes there are some rare twins as well.

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Female Koalas give births for 5 times.
Female Koalas during their entire lifespan are only being able to give birth for about 4 to 5 times. This Picture belongs to