How does a Koala Sleeps? Sleeping Postures of Koalas

One of the most interesting things regarding Koalas sleeping postures is that they are different on different occasions. Many pouched mammals within Australia sleep within the hollows of the trees, while Koalas unusually prefer to sleep on their own way. In fact it will never be wrong to state that Koalas sleep strategically to conserve their energies. Koalas have to conserve their energies, therefore, they sleep a lot and also sleep in such a way that help them against the seasons changes as well such as weather. For example Koalas sleeping posture during the winter is different as compared to their sleeping posture during the summers and dry seasons.

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Koalas' different sleeping Postures.
Koalas strategically have different sleeping postures to conserve their body energy. This Picture belongs to 

For conserving body energy, the koala first of all find a reasonable place of the tree. It usually finds a fork of the tree from where it will be less worries of falling down while less energy will be required to hold on with the tree as well. Therefore, this is one of the key reasons for the Koala to find a perfect spot of the tree and then lean vertically so that minimum energy is wasted and maximum energy is conserved within the body.

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Koalas like to sleep on Trees' fork.
Koalas love to sleep on the trees' fork branches. Trees' fork give koala the ultimate relaxation, plus it also provide them a safety against falling down as well. This picture belongs to 

During the winter season, on the same tree’s fork, the Koalas prefer to sleep in a hunched back position. This allows the Koalas to stay warm and fight against the winter frosts. During the summer season, the Koalas sleeping position changes and it keep its stomach towards the tree branch. It is very rare that during the extreme summers, the Koalas leave the trees and sleep at their shades, but it has happened on very rare basis because it allows koalas to become highly vulnerable to the predators such as Dingoes and wild dogs. Moreover, monitor lizards are also a big threat in such a situation for the koalas as well.

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Koalas' hunched back sleeping position.
During the summer seasons, the Koalas like to sleep in a hunched back sleeping position. This picture belongs to 

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Koalas' summer sleeping position.
Koalas' Summer Sleeping Position is relatively different as compared to the winter's sleeping position. This picture belongs to 

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Koalas' winter sleeping position.
A Koala sleeping during a winter season. This picture belongs to