Koalas and Australia's Bushfire

Many koalas apart from predators die because of Australian bushfire as well. Bushfire are very common in Australia, especially in the summers. Remember Australia is the driest continent on the planet, and rains are very rare in Australia. The summer heat is very intense, and it causes bushfire on many occasions. Consequently, Koalas become victims of such bushfire and it becomes very difficult for them to actually survive such bushfire. Getting killed through these bushfire will be nothing short of the natural disasters for the Koalas. Once the bushfire start, they almost destroy the entire habitat of the Koalas.

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Koalas' deaths through Bushfire.
Bushfire is very common within Australia's forests and they significantly contribute towards the Koalas' mortality rates. This picture belongs to  

Whenever, the bushfire spread, they quickly catch the Eucalyptus trees from the surroundings. Eucalyptus trees despite contain a lot of water content, start burning quickly as well. Since the Koalas are always found on the Eucalyptus trees, a firing tree will always mean a Koala in trouble and usually they get killed quickly. Koalas can neither jump like monkeys; therefore, it is hard for them to actually survive the bushfire from downwards.

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Koalas life is threatened by bushfire.
Koalas' habitat is always threatened by the bushfire threats. It is threatened to such an extent, that they might end up losing with their lives as well because of the bushfire. This picture belongs to 

Moreover, Koalas’ brain power is relatively limited and very weak. They are also very slow movers, therefore, with these kinds of attributes, surviving the fires become more difficult. Death becomes an ultimate result when such disasters occur for the Koalas. As compared to the predator attacks, the attack from the natural bushfire is much bigger threat for their survival in the wild. Therefore, the response of the koalas in dealing with the bushfire may not be smart enough and they mostly become victim of the bushfire.

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Koalas' Bushfire Response.
Koalas' Bushfire Response is not smart enough as compared to many other mammals, and therefore, in many cases it might become a victim of bushfire. This Picture Belongs to