Koalas Consume More Food during Winters as Compared to Summers

Koalas naturally consume more food during the winter seasons, when compared with the summer season. This opens up another important area of koala studies that what prompts koalas to consume more Eucalyptus leaves during winters as compared to the summer season? There can be oodles of reasons behind such a query; however, the most important might be pertaining to gaining greater energy levels to fight against the cold.

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Koalas consume more food during the winter Season.
Koalas consume more food during the winter season, because they need more calories to stay warm and fight against the cold. This picture belongs to 

Since Koalas only eat one type of a food and that is eucalyptus leaves therefore, they totally on these leaves for fighting against the cold. These leaves also have higher water contents as well. Therefore, eating them more may also mean more water in the body and maybe a Koala might feel further cold. But Koalas have to gain strength to fight against the cold as well. Therefore, the Koala prefer those leaves which have relatively less water contents around 51% and even sometimes less as well. This limits the intake of water into the body while at the same time Koala will also be able to maintain its energy level as well.

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Koalas eat less during the summer seasons.
Koalas eat Less During the Summer Seasons. They just eat to maintain body's regular energy levels and fulfill their water requirements. This picture belongs to  

Eating more leaves will ensure the enough supply of nutrients within the bodies of the Koalas, and therefore, as a result of that the animal will feel stronger to resist the cold temperatures. Moreover, the immune system of the animals will fight against viruses far better as well. Therefore, for Koalas big consumption of the eucalyptus leaves during winters as compared to the summer may well be the matter of strong health and even in certain cases their survival as well.

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Koalas require more energy levels during winters.
More and more Energy is required during the winter season along with the supply of nutrients as well. Therefore, they have to eat more Eucalyptus leaves, to make their survival. This picture Belongs to