Koalas Diet is Fully Poisonous and Toxic

The typical diet of the Koalas comprises of Eucalyptus leaves which is fully intoxicated with the poisonous materials including different chemicals and compounds. Other animals would simply do not prefer to eat Eucalyptus leaves. For them these leaves would simply make them ill or at worst, they would lose their life. On the other hand, these food serve as the diet of the Koalas. The Eucalyptus leaves offer a real life-line for the Koalas and they stick with this diet throughout their lives. Moreover, very interestingly despite the herbivores, Koalas spend all of their lives eating the Eucalyptus leaves. They would simply not survive without these Eucalyptus leaves.

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Eucalyptus leaves are the favorite food of Koalas.
Koalas are always fed on the Eucalyptus Leaves. This food is dangerous for the other animals, but for Koalas this food serves as a survival. This picture belongs to 

Eucalyptus leaves are full of poisons and intoxicants. A well re-known poison substance named as cyanide comprises of a major portion of the Eucalyptus leaves. Cyanide whose small quantity is enough to kill a human being instantly, serves as a dietary way of life for the Koalas. This really amazes different scientists and researchers and prompts oodles of questions about such a poisonous diet of the Koalas. On the other hand for a normal human being, who considers Koalas as the cutest of animals, it is a big shock that the animals’ food intake is chiefly of poison chemicals along with other nutrients. So even the poisonous trees on earth are there for the reason, and Koalas in the world have every reason to prove such statements.

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Koalas diet is full of poisons.
Koalas' diet is full of poisons. A normal herbivore cannot survive whenever, it consumes that much amount of poisons beings present within the Eucalyptus leaves. However, Koalas not only survive they grow and flourish their life through Eucalyptus poisons as their core diet. This Picture belongs to  

But the question remains how does Koalas’ survive with such poison? The only amenable reason includes the strong stomach of the Koalas. In fact it is not that much stronger, but it is specifically built to recognize the Eucalyptus leaves, collect the necessary nutrients and flush out rest of the unnecessary chemicals including poisons and intoxicants from the body. Koalas have been living on these plants for millions of years, and they would have well adapted with such a situation. Therefore, unlike other herbivores, Koalas survive on a single herb which is intoxicated and full poisoned and Koalas only eat them throughout their lives (Few exceptions are there, when Koalas were observed on other trees as well).

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Koalas diet is nutritious only for the Koalas.
Koalas diet is only nutritious for the Koalas' themselves, whereas; for other animals and even for the human beings, Koalas' diet serves as toxic poison. This picture is the property of