Koalas Food Consumption Depends upon their Body Size

Food consumption variation is common within Koalas, but the food consumption of the Koalas specifically depends upon the body size and more specifically the weight of the Koalas. It is very common and natural for the bigger organism to consume more food while the smaller organism will relatively consume less food. The same is true about Koalas as well; the bigger Koalas which typically belong to Australian Capital Territory have bigger sizes, around 12 to 16 Kilograms.

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Koalas Food Consumption Depends upon their Body Size.
Koalas' food Consumption Depends upon Their Body Sizes. This picture belongs to 

Therefore, these Koalas consume more than 800 grams of Eucalyptus leaves per day. On the other hand the Koalas from Queensland are relatively smaller and therefore, there food consumption is comparably less. Koalas from Queensland weigh usually 10 Kg or less.

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Koalas' Food Consumption is around 0.8 Kilograms normally.
Koalas Food Consumption is around 800 Grams normally. This picture belongs to  

Remember the bigger the Koala is, the more food it requires to maintain its body’s strength otherwise, it may face starvation and a possible death. Moreover, the bigger the Koalas are, they also lose their tooth quickly as well because they grind much more as compared to the smaller Koalas whose tooth size are almost the same, and they have to grind a relatively less degree of food. According to the findings of one study the smaller Koalas who weighed around 6 Kilograms to 8 Kilograms preferred consuming around 400 to 500 grams of Eucalyptus leaves in one particular day while the food consumption of the Koalas which weighed around 10 to 16 Kilograms was around 800 grams to 1200 grams of Eucalyptus leaves in one particular day. Therefore, this specifically proves that the bigger Koalas have to chew almost double the amount of food as compared to the smaller Koalas, which leads to their regular tooth decay as well.

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Big Koalas Require More Food.
The Bigger the Koala is, it will always require more food to eat as compared to the smaller Koalas. The huge body size always demand more calories, and consuming more food is always the right reason for them to consume more Eucalyptus leaves. This picture belongs to