Koalas hate Dried Leaves

Koalas have a great degree of hate for the dried leaves. Dried leaves from other plants which many people consider are advantageous for the cattle, but for Koalas dried leaves prove out to be of zero worth. In fact if the Koalas will live on the dried leaves, they will simply not survive at all. Dry leaves lack water and Koalas always extract their water requirements from the leaves, therefore, dry leaves mean death for the Koalas. Koalas extract their calories from fresh leaves, dry leaves mean death again for the Koalas, because dry Eucalyptus leaves carry a very small numbers of calories.

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Koalas hate Dried leaves.
Koalas do not like dried leaves at all. Dried leaves especially that of the Eucalyptus has no nutritional values, and also they fail to fulfill the water requirements of the Koalas as well. This picture belongs to 

Koalas do not drink water at all. They are always dependent on the dry leaves to fulfill their water requirements. Dry leaves carry no water or moisture content at all. In such a scenario a Koala may simply die or face dehydration or will have to drink water separately. Since 90% of the water do not drink water, therefore, living on dry leaves is almost equivalent to the suicide for the Koalas as their body will lose water from the bodies and dry leaves will not fulfill water deficiencies within their bodies.

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Dried leaves have no water for koalas.
Dried leaves usually have no water contents for the Koalas, and Koalas are always dependent on the fresh Juicy leaves for their water requirements. This picture belongs to 

Koalas specifically feed on the Eucalyptus leaves. Unlike other leaves, Eucalyptus leaves are not too much abundant in terms of nutritional values. Dried Eucalyptus leaves carry reduced levels of the nutritional as well as low caloric values to a greater extent. Therefore, if Koalas will prefer dry leaves for eating, it will simply not survive because the dry leaves will fail to fulfill the energy requirements of the Koalas as well as the caloric values of the Koalas. Therefore, Koalas hate dry leaves even of the Eucalyptus leaves as their food and they prefer to avoid it to the maximum extent.

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Koalas find no nutrition within Dried leaves.
Koalas do not find any nutrition within the dried leaves. Dried leaves have lower caloric power, and they are not fit for the Koalas at all. This picture belongs to