Slow Metabolism of Koalas

Koalas possess slower metabolic rates as compared to other animals. This slower metabolic rate is specifically aligned with the aligned with the lifestyle, food intake and physical aspects of the Koalas. In other words, it is necessary for Koalas to have slower metabolic rate in order to sustain because Koalas are built in such a fashion. Moreover, the food which the Koalas take is also very much lower in terms of Nutritional Values. Koalas chiefly live on Eucalyptus leaves throughout their lives and they do not rely on any other food sources except for the Eucalyptus.

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Koalas' Metabolism is perfect for their body requirements.
Koalas' Metabolism is perfectly aligned with their body requirements and the lifestyle on which they live. This picture belongs to 

Because of less nutritional value being present within the Eucalyptus leaves, Koalas just simply have to eat a lot of them and also make sure not to waste their energy in any unnecessary forceful activity. Therefore, as a result of that they prefer sleeping or remain still. When they remain still, they will lose little energy and it will also allow their metabolism rate to be slowed down. Therefore, Koalas can be considered as sluggish, slow or any other name associated with it, but this is a normal lifestyle of a Koala. It enjoys it to the maximum during its entire lifespan.

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Koalas have slower metabolism
Koalas have relatively slower metabolism as compared to many other Marsupial mammals. This slower metabolism helps the Koalas to maintain their body energy. This picture belongs to 

Slower metabolism is also common within the hibernating animals which remain hibernated throughout the winter for 3 to 4 months. Small black bears are one such an example. But this is an example of extreme hibernation. Very interestingly, such animals which follow extreme hibernation patterns tend to reduce their metabolism rates to the maximum. Koalas also follow the same pattern but they neither hibernate and neither follow an extreme end of slower metabolism rate. But rather they stay calm, peaceful and this specifically helps them to slow down their metabolism rates.

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Koalas Metabolism serves as an extreme example
Koalas Metabolism rates offers an example of one of the rare extreme metabolism rates from the slower side. This picture belongs to 

Slower metabolism helps the Koalas to conserve their energy levels and remain normal. It also helps them to fight against all kinds of deficiency levels as well.

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Koalas SLower Metabolism Conserves Body Energy.
Koalas Slower Metabolism helps Koalas to Conserve their Body Energies. This picture specifically belongs to