Koalas Tooth Decay through its Abrasive Diet

One of the common health problems with the Koalas is Tooth Decay. Koalas which might always require a dentist especially during the second half and later half of their lives, have to face severe tooth decay. Many Koalas’ cause of death could be very simplistically related with the starvation because of Total tooth decay and the animal being failed to chew the food properly or the animal being simply unable to trigger the process of food intake. Therefore, as a result of that the Koalas die because of hunger.

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Koalas Tooth Loss through abrasive diet.
Tooth Loss is very common within Koala and it is specifically because of their abrasive diet that specifically comprises of toxic compounds. This Picture belongs to 

It should also be noted that this problem is rarely associated with the young and mature Koalas, as their teeth at that span of their lives are reasonable enough to help them digest and chew any kind of diet. After maturity, as soon as the animal becomes older and older, the process of tooth decay becomes more and more complicated for the Koalas unless they lose all of their teeth at one span of their life and die because of that.

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Young Koalas have good tooth.
Young and mature Koalas have been hardly found having tooth Decaying problem. The tooth decaying problem within the Koalas is usually common within the older koalas. This Picture belongs to 

But the question remains that why Koalas lose their teeth? Why is it that the wear and tear of their teeth-decay emerges during the later period of their life? One of the core reason that is typically associated with it is their abrasive diet. They have to grind the leaves again and again. This causes much more wear and tear of the teeth and therefore, the process of tooth-decay starts and eventually it finishes off all the teeth from Koalas’ mouth. An animal therefore faces starvation and dies because of lack of power and energy.

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Koalas tooth decay is associated with Koalas diet.
Diet is the core reason that triggers tooth decay within Koalas. This picture belongs to  

More specifically, the food which the Koalas eat always comprises of the leaves of eucalyptus tree. These leaves specifically contain poisonous materials. These materials also trigger the tooth-decay process a bit faster as compared to the other animals who also take-in an abrasive food but yet still manage to maintain their teeth for the longer period of time. The reason is very simple and includes the fact that the cyanide and poisonous materials which are present within Koalas’ diet are always absent within the diets of the other animals who are engaged with the abrasive diet.

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Koalas Tooth Decay through Eucalyptus Leaves.
Koalas always rely on Eucalyptus leaves as their food. This food is full of harmful elements and compounds that are not good for the tooth of an organism. The same is true about Koalas as well. This Picture specifically belongs to 

The end result is very simple. The tooth decay means no teeth in the end and the animal either falls victim to a predator i.e., Dingoes, Falcon, Eagles, Wombats, etc. or it just simply dies.

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Tooth Decay within Koalas is life-threatening. Having no tooth means koalas will fail to extract nutrition from the Eucalyptus leaves. Therefore, the Koalas will simply die. This picture belongs to