Koalas Lack Energy and Strength

Koalas certainly lack energy and strength. They do not possess nimbleness and briskness like many of the quickest animals on the planet. In running they are slow. They are slow movers. And also they are slow eaters as well. Their lack of energy and strength make them weaker and as a result of that they become defenseless. This prompts them to be rather peace-loving animals and this is the core reason that they rarely fight with one another or any other animals.

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Koalas lack strength
Koalas certainly lack in terms of their Strength. Therefore, they always prefer not to show their strength behavior at all, and perform rest. This picture belongs to 

However, for some other animals this lack of energy and strength can prove out to be real piece of cake, as they like them to hunt them down. Dingoes, Falcons and Eagles are common examples that exploit the sluggishness and weaknesses of the Koalas and make them a good meal whenever, being prompted for a Koala’s opportunity.

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Koalas Lack of Strength makes them vulnerable.
Koalas lack of strength makes them highly vulnerable to many predators that are present within the Australia's Natural habitat. This picture belongs to 

Another reason is that their food which is eucalyptus leaves, seriously lacks insurance of the energy levels. Eucalyptus leaves offer very little amount of proteins for the Koalas. They have to keep their metabolism slower, so that Koalas can maintain their energy levels. Slowness and sluggishness means slower metabolism and also the conservation of energy. If Koalas will be quick and active, Koalas will have a relatively higher metabolism rate. A higher metabolism rate will also need more supply of nutrition within the food and that may certainly be not possible to obtain for Eucalyptus leaves. Therefore, by nature’s rule and by Koalas’ own physical abilities, the lifestyle which is more suited for the Koalas is to stay slow, lack energy and little strength along with no violence by nature.

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Koalas strength depends upon their food.
Koalas' Strength primarily depends upon the food of the Koalas which they consume. Since their food is not too much enriched with energetic calories, therefore, they lack agile strength. This picture belongs to