Male Koalas have Loudest of voice among all Australian Mammals

Among all the mammals across the continent of Australia, Male Koalas possess one of the loudest of voices. The voices of male Koalas can be heard miles away. Usually it is the male Koalas who create loudest of the voices. Female Koalas do not show any behavior as pertaining to create loudest voices. A male koala in its childhood days does not create such voices. They are just like roosters, who when reach the maturity, they create loudest voices. The same is true about Koalas as well, at the early period of their life; they do not possess loudest voices. However, whenever they reach the age of the maturity, it is at that time they start howling or creating loudest of the voices and noises.

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Male Koalas loudest voice.
Male Koalas have loudest of the voices among all the Australian Mammals. This picture belongs to  

There can be oodles of reasons for this behavior of the male Koalas. Each reason has its worth and can prove out to have a reasonable weight in terms of its authenticity. However, not every reason is for certain here but they can be true for more than 80%. First of all the male Koalas create loudest of voices, to alarm and warn other male Koalas about not to become an intruder within their territory. This behavior certainly proves that male Koalas are highly territorial. A big voice of male Koala will restrict other male Koalas not to come in their territory at any cost. Having a loudest of voice will certainly indicate about the presence of dominant male Koalas, therefore, the young Koalas take their separate ways in such a scenario.

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Male Koalas loudest among all Australian Mammals.
Male Koalas are loudest among all the Australia mammals in terms of their voice. In the picture you can see a male koala howling for its territory.  

A second very important reason regarding loud voices of the Koalas can be specifically related with their mating and breeding behavior. In order to mate a female Koala, a male Koala has to attract the female koala. Creating a loudest of voice can also make the female aware of the male Koala and the female can easily penetrate its territory. However, this is not the only unique way which a male Koala uses to attract its female, there are a lot of other ways which a male Koala chooses, but creating a loudest of voice is certainly one of them.

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Koalas Voice serve as a territorial marking and signal for other koalas.
Koalas voice specifically indicate others about their territories as well. Therefore, their voice serves as a core territorial marking and signal for other koalas. This picture belongs to 

Lastly, having a male creating loudest of voices will also keep the predators away. A dominant male Koala is generally saved, and having a loud voice can certainly provide a huge cushion and protection for the smaller Koalas (especially the females) live at the suburbs of the dominant male Koala’s territory.

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Koalas voice help them to be protected against predators.
Koalas loud voice also helps other koalas to be protected from the predators. However, since Koalas are on the trees, they are rarely threatened by the ground predators. This picture belongs to