Koalas - Mating Season and Mating Months

During the months in between September and March, it is very common to practice mating within male and female koalas. Usually the months from September till March are considered as ideal for the Koalas to start mating with one another. Another very important thing to consider for these months is this that these months within Australia fall within the seasons of summers and springs. Spring and summers always serve as an ideal period for many mammals and other animals around the world to start mating and give births, therefore, comparatively Koalas this period is specifically considered as very much normal and nothing being unique about it.

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Koalas' mating months.
Koalas mating months are from September till March. This picture belongs to 

However, occasionally, the mating in between the male and female Koalas start other than the months which fall in between the range of September to March. Therefore, it also means that it is not necessary for the koalas to have mating during the summers and spring seasons, but mating in between the male and female Koalas can also start during the winter and fall seasons as well.

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Koalas' mating season.
Koalas have a specific mating season. However, mating can happen during any season, but it is more common within summer and spring seasons. This picture belongs to 

Success of the mating to produce offspring however, does not depend upon the months and the seasons, but rather they always depend upon the availability of the food which specifically includes Eucalyptus leaves. Remember Koalas eat Eucalyptus leaves throughout their lives.

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Koalas' mating Success.
Koalas' mating Success is always dependent upon the availability of the better habitat for the Koalas e.g. food, shelter and moderate environment. This picture specifically belongs to