Newborn Koala Joeys have Well-Established Sense of Smell

Newborn Koala Joeys always have well-established and sharp sense of smell. This sense of smell for the Koala Joeys is very important as without its initial development, a newborn Koala Joey may simply not survive at all. The Koala Joeys are not born inside the pouches of their mothers, but rather they are born through cloaca. Through cloaca they have to move and travel towards their mothers’ pouches. This gives firm evidence that unlike many other newborn mammals, the Koala Joeys’ sense of smell is very sharp indeed.

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Koala joeys have strong sense of smell.
Koala Joeys have very strong sense of smell right from their birth. Their other senses however, are under-developed. This picture belongs to 

The Koala Joey also has poorly developed sense of sight as well. The only way the newborn Koala detects the pouch is through its sense of smell. It then quickly moves towards the pouch as soon as it detects the smell of the milk which is inside its mother’s pouch. Inside the pouch the newborn Koala Joeys remain attached with the teat (beside nipple) of its mother’s breast and feed on the milk for a considerable period of time of around eight to 12 months (1 year maximum).

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Koala Joeys easily smell their mother's milk.
This strong sense of smell always help the Koala Joeys to smell their mother's milk just right after, when they are born. This picture belongs to 

It is very surprise to note that Koala Joeys are just the size of not more than 19 millimeters on average. And with this size, having a well-established and highly advanced sense of smell just gives an amazing characteristic which the Koala Joeys possess. Moreover, Koala Joeys do not get separated by their mothers at the time of birth because they recognize the fragrance of their mother when they are inside the womb. Therefore, they always stay with their mothers no matter what and this is all established through highly advanced sense of smell of the newborn Koala Joeys.

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Picture of a Koala Joey with its mother.
Picture of a Koala Joey. Koalas other body's senses are not as sharp, but their sense of smell is very sharp right from their birth. This picture belongs to Paula