Pap - The first solid food of the Koala Joeys

Pap serves as a first solid food which a baby Koala Joey in its life. A baby Koala Joey consumes pap after about 2 months, while living inside its mother’s pouch. During the earlier 2 months, the baby Koala joeys are under-developed especially the first month, therefore, as a result of that it totally relies on its mother’s milk in this regard. Pap comes later, when the baby Koala Joey develops a deep understanding of the environment within the pouch. At this time it becomes confident enough to eat something more than a liquid food and it usually comes in the form of pap for the Koala Joey.

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Koala Joey's Solid Food.
Koala Joey starts solid food after about 2 Months. This Picture belongs to 

Pap therefore, serves as bridge and an element of transition within the life of the baby Koala Joey from the liquid milk food towards the solid food. But it is not that much snappy and quick transition because it takes as long as 7 to 10 months for the Koala to rely upon the eucalyptus leaves. Before living upon the eucalyptus leaves, the Koala Joey develops a good taste for the pap which comprises of many similar ingredients and taste contents like that of the eucalyptus leaves.

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Koala Joey eat pap as their first solid food.
Pap is the first solid food that is being eaten by the baby koala joey. This picture belongs to 

Pap should not be regarded as faeces of the mother koala. But it is a real separate food which is directly released from the caecum of the female Koala mother directly through the cloacae. The baby Koala Joey eats it and quickly differentiate the excretory waste of the body and the pap which pass on from the same channel e.g., cloacae. Therefore, it can be specifically concluded that pap which serves as a first solid food of the baby koala comprised of decomposed elements of the eucalyptus leaves which still carry a lot of nutrition and they help to develop the taste of the baby Koala Joey.

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Koala pap is not faeces but nutrition for Koala Joeys.
Koalas' pap is not an excreted faeces but rather it comprises of oodles of nutrition for the young Koala Joeys. This Picture belongs to