Weighing Male vs Female Koalas

There is a big difference in between the male and Female Koalas in terms of their weights. At maximum a male Koala can weigh around 18 Kilograms or even more, whereas; at maximum a female Koala can gain a maximum weight of around 12 Kilograms when reaching a mature age. Therefore, the male Koalas weigh more than 60 to 70% more than the female Koalas. This also allows male Koalas to be highly dominant over the female Koalas. This is very normal from an ecological perspective. Hyenas are few of the animals in which females are bigger and dominant over their males.

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Male Koalas are huge and bigger in sizes
Male Koalas are usually huge in terms of their sizes and appearances. They weigh more and also they have bigger body parts as well. This picture belongs to  

The average weight of the male Koalas is around 10 to 11 Kilograms. Normally one should expect a Koala to reach this much weight and size. However, on the other hand the average weights of the female Koalas are around 6 to 9 Kilograms. However, these averages might prove out to be different for two different Koala breeds that is Koala belonging to Queensland will have different usually heavier weights for males and female Koalas and the Koala belonging to Australia’s Victorian territory will have different and slightly lesser weights for both males and female Koalas.

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Male Koalas 11 Kilograms average weight.
The Average Weight for a Male Koala is around 11 Kilograms. This is just an average weight and male Koalas have been reported to have weighed more than 11 Kilograms. This picture belongs to 

The maximum weights for the male Koalas belonging to the Victorian territory of Australia are around 16 to 18 Kilograms. Females can gain a weight of around 10 to 12 at maximum. The minimum weights for the male Kolas belonging to the Queensland territory will have 10 Kilograms for males and 7 kilograms for the female Koalas. The average weights of the Male Koalas belonging to the Queensland territory are around 12 Kilograms. On the other hand females have an average weight of around 8.5 Kilograms for the same region.

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Female Koalas at maximum gain 12 Kilograms weight.
At maximum a female Koala can gain a weight of around 12 Kilograms. But this is a maximum weight and majority of the female Koalas weigh less than 10 kilograms. Some even weigh around 6 Kilograms as well. This Picture belongs to 

The male Koalas that belong to Queensland territory will have at maximum have around 9.1 kilograms. On the other hand the maximum weight for the female Koalas from Queensland Koala is around 7.3 kilograms. The average weights of the male Koalas from Queensland are around 6.5 Kilograms. Female Koalas on average reach the average weight of around 5.1 Kilograms. The minimum weights for the female Koalas from Queensland is just 4 Kilograms, whereas; the minimum weights for the male Koalas from the same territory is just 5 kilograms.

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Male and female Koalas vary in terms of their weights and sizes.
Picture of a Male and a female Koala at an Animal Sanctuary within Australia. Male Koalas are highly dominant over their females. This picture belongs to