Weights of Female Koalas

Female Koalas weigh much smaller than male Koalas. Female Koalas are shortly built, and therefore, they are always dominated by the male Koalas. Normally female Koalas are around 8 Kilograms to 10 Kilograms. But this is an average weight of the female Koalas. Female Koalas that belong to the Queensland territory of Australian origin are much smaller as compared to the female Koalas belonging to Australia’s Victorian territory. A female Koala from Australia’s Queensland territory weighs around 5.1 Kilograms on average. On the other hand a female Koala from Australia’s Victorian Territory weights around 8.5 kilograms.

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A female Koala weighs 11 Kilograms
At Maximum a Female Koala weighs around 11 Kilograms. But Female Koalas are usually smaller and weigh around 7 to 10 Kilograms normally or even less than that. This picture belongs to 

Even though it is very important for the Koalas to maintain more weight and size, because it is good for their survival against the predators, but female Koalas lack the weight advantage in this regard. The female Koalas from the Queensland are at major risk in this regard. At minimum they can even achieve the weight of around 4 Kilograms which is very less. The female Koalas which weigh around 4 Kilogram are also vulnerable of being killed by its own species or losing its own territories as well. At maximum the female Koalas from Queensland gain weights of around 7.3 Kilograms which is reasonably good for their survival.

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Some Female Koalas are very small in weight.
Some female Koalas are very small and can even weigh around 5 Kilograms as well. Usually the Queensland female Koalas are very smaller than their males, therefore, their weights are less as well. This picture belongs to  

Female Koalas that live at Australia’s Victorian territory at minimum level weigh around 7 Kilograms. This minimum weight is very reasonable and it is almost 80% more than the minimum weights of the Koalas belonging to the Queensland territory of Australia. At maximum the female Koalas from Australia’s Victorian territory weigh more than 11 Kilograms. This really makes them one of the massive Koala creatures even with the female appearances as well.

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Maximum weight of female Koalas is 11 Kilograms
The Maximum Weight for the female Koalas is around 11 Kilograms. These female Koalas belong to Australia's Victorian Territories. This picture belongs to