What is the Average Age of the Male Koala?

Researchers and biologists from Australia have confirmed that the average ages of the male koalas are around 12 years. This is a very reasonable age for an animal, as many animals live that long as well e.g., monkeys, dogs, lions etc. However, at maximum the male Koalas have been known to reach around 16 to 18 years as well, but these figures are far and few. Moreover, some male koalas die very young because of some undetected reasons for the observers as well.

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Ages of the Male Koalas.
Male Koalas usually live less than the female Koalas and their average age is around 12 years. However, depending upon the suitable conditions, a male Koala can live more than 12 years as well. This Picture belongs to  

However, male Koalas’ age highly depends upon the food availability and the living conditions as well. The male Koalas, who live at the Victorian ranges of Australia, live long and exactly around 12 years, while the male Koalas who live at the Queensland ranges of Australia live slightly less e.g., 10 years on average.

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Male Koalas from Queensland live less as comapred to Victorian Koalas.
Male Koalas from Queensland live comparatively 2 or 3 years less than the male koalas from Victorian Territories. Queensland Koalas live in tough weather conditions, therefore, their survival rate is less. Weather conditions specifically contribute towards the age factor of the koalas for both males and females. This picture belongs to 

Food availability and habitat are very important and vital for the average ages of the koalas. Koalas are very sensitive creatures and only live on eucalyptus leaves throughout their lives. If there is a slight variation within the availability of these eucalyptus leaves, things could either be negative or positive depending upon the nature of the variation and this will certainly impact the average age of the male koalas. Whenever, the food availability is less, the Koalas’ average age falls down and vice-versa.

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A Male Koala and its age.
It is still mysterious to understand that why male Koalas live less as compared to the female Koalas. This picture is a property of its owner named