Do Koalas lack Intellectual Abilities?

Does Koala possess intellectual skills? In fact no animal on earth has developed highly specialized intellectual skills, if we exclude humans out of that category. But here we are talking about intellectual abilities at the level of the animals and specifically at the animal such as Koalas. Koalas usually do not have high intellectual abilities. They are generally considered as dumb mammals. Koalas’ brain is also very short. Moreover, Koalas are very slow movers, plus they also show a greater degree of panic, if they get encountered with an unusual situation. All of these evidences specifically conclude that Koalas are usually dumb and they lack intellectual capabilities when compared with other animals excluding human beings.

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Koalas brain has limited intellectual capabilities.
Koalas brain lacks intellectual abilities. Therefore, Koalas also have limited activities rather than highly active activities. This picture belongs to 

Koalas have very small brain. This could be the core reason behind their lacking intellectual abilities. But small brain is chiefly the requirement of the Koalas because they need to conserve their energy levels as they live on Eucalyptus leaves, which offer them very little degrees of nutritional levels in general. Since brain consumes maximum energy from the food, a smaller brain would rather consume less energy; therefore, Koalas can maintain their energy levels throughout its body. But they maintain their energy levels at the expense of their intellectual abilities. And maybe this is the core reasons that Koalas only prefer to eat only one kind of food that is Eucalyptus leaves because they do not have that much specialized brain flexibility to adapt on any other green vegetables.

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Koala's smaller brain helps to maintain energy levels.
A brain with limited intellectual capabilities also helps the koalas to maintain their energy levels as well. This picture belongs to 

But Koalas have good intellectual skills when it comes to the sense of smell. They can recognize the presence of fresh leaves through their sense of smell. Also if they are far away from the Eucalyptus leaves, their intellectual sense of smell allows them to specifically locate the Eucalyptus leaves and so on. But apart from that Koalas lack any other specific intellectual skills which are amazing enough to be shared with folks.

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Koalas' smelting capabilities are stronger as they can distinguish fresh leaves.
Despite limited Brain capabilities, Koalas still possess very strong smelting capabilities and they can distinguish well between the fresh and non-fresh leaves. This Picture belongs to