Koalas and their Advanced Digestive Mechanisms

Koalas have developed a highly advanced digestive mechanism as compared to the other mammals and herbivores. The food which the Koalas eat is full of poison and higher toxicity. If a normal mammal will consume that much food which the Koala consumes, it will simply be severely ill or in the worst case scenario it will not survive. In simplest words death will be the ultimate result for them, if they will be specifically fed on Eucalyptus leaves. On the other hand; for Koalas feeding on the Eucalyptus leaves and digesting them is a life-long phenomenon. This is the core reason that there is every possibility that Koalas have developed specialized mechanisms to not only absorb their toxic food, but also extract nutrition from it as well.

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Koalas have advanced digestive Mechanism.
Koalas Digestive Mechanism is highly Advanced. Eucalyptus leaves have very little or no nutritional value. However, Koalas' advanced digestive mechanism helps them to extract useful nutrition. This picture belongs to 

Koalas’ large intestine has special bacteria, which trigger the process of fermentation. Through such fermentation, many enzymes that might serve as nutrition for the animals are specifically extracted. Usually this fermentation process extracts nutritional elements from smaller leaves, and it ignores the bigger leaves. Rest of the contents and bigger leaves, which are no longer needed by Koalas’ body are generally excreted from Koalas’ bodies. However, having these specialized bacteria is not the only way through which Koalas extract their nutrition for fulfilling their body requirements.

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Koalas food Digestion within Large Intestine.
Food Digestion within the Koalas take place either at the Stomach or at the large intestine through the process of fermentation. This picture belongs to 

Koalas’ stomach and small intestine both have small specialized cells as well. These cells also extract useful nutrition and energy as per body requirements. These are enough facts which indicate that Koalas have a very specialized digestive mechanism. But the food on which Koalas’ thrive and sustain throughout their lives, has very little nutritional values within them. This is the only hardest thing for the Koalas, to gain maximum nutrition from such food (eucalyptus leaves) and make a living through it. It is also that reason that Koalas have slow metabolism levels, which also helps them to burn less calories and allows energy to be conserved within the body for the longer time periods too.

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Koalas' Food Digestion.
Koalas Food Digestion is a complex process. However, Koalas do possess different advanced enzymes that are helpful in their digestion. This picture belongs to