Koalas and their Aboriginal and Native Names

Koalas have many different native and Aboriginal names. First of all the word Koala is also native and aboriginal to the Australia. It exactly means no water or water deficiency. However, Koalas are also being called differently by different individuals belonging to different areas of Australia in the past. As many as 8 or 9 uniquely familiar names with Koalas have been identified. These names include Kooelwong, Colo, Coloo, Coola, Colah, koobor, Koolah and Kaola. All of these words either mean lack of water, water deficiency but they also means dryness, drought, thirst and the likes of these.

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Koalas have many different names.
Koalas have about 8 to 9 different native and aboriginal names. But the name Koala is the most popular one. This Picture belongs to 

All of these names are native to Australian aboriginal languages and the only word that is added to the English dictionary is Koala. The word Koala has specifically gained an international recognition, despite many people not knowing the word globally (also the animal).

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Koalas have Australian aboriginal names.
All the names of the Koalas are being named as early inhabitants or aboriginal Australian individuals. This Picture belongs to 

Yet still there is no doubt that the word emerged from Australia’s aboriginal languages. This also makes Koalas as highly enriched in terms of their names, as there are not many animals around the world which have as many names as 8 to 10 in numbers from the same core geographic origin.

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Koalas have about 8 to 10 aboriginal names.
Koalas have about 8 to 10 Aboriginal names, which makes Koalas as highly enriched in terms of their names as well. This Picture Belongs to