Koalas Live Hardest and Toughest Lives Among all animals

Simplistically speaking no other animal has that much hardest of life, as that of the Koalas. They have to go through a toughest and hardest of lifecycle and a severe habitat throughout their lives. This makes them highly amazing creatures and yet people are always surprised to analyze their ability to survive among the conditions they live. Other animals might have other problems, but Koalas have to fight for their basic necessities throughout their life and that is their food. Whereas; for other animals food is almost readily available, they just have to select and hide themselves from the fellow predators.

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Koalas live a tough life throughout their entire lifespan.
During the entire span of their lives, Koalas live a tough life. This Picture belongs to 

The food of the Koalas (Eucalyptus Leaves) is their survival, but it also shortens the lifecycle of the Koalas as well. The food which the Koalas eat is so much abrasive that it allows Koalas’ teeth to become brittle. Once brittle, things start to decay unless they reach the very dead end. At that point a Koala could have to swallow the whole leaves without the chewing option but that becomes further dangerous as well. The obvious result of such a component will always end up with animal being starved to death eventually. Starving is common factor among the elderly Koalas and this is how their life ends in the end. Doesn’t this ending proves out to be toughest and hardest one for an animal?

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Koalas' food lacks proper nutritions.
There are very limited amount of nutritional value within the food which the Koala Eat. In the picture you can see Koala eating Eucalyptus leaves, but it severely lacks nutritional values. This Picture belongs to 

Secondly, these Eucalyptus leaves are highly poisonous in nature. A chemical named as Cyanide which is always enough in small quantities to immediately end a human life is part of day-to-day life of the Koalas. Moreover, the food of the Koalas has very little energy levels. Usually they are so little, that they can only maintain and fulfill the requirements of their key organs of the body. This is the core reason that they sleep most time of the day to lose any unnecessary energy and maintain their energy levels. Wouldn’t that be tough for an animal to live this way? We do remember human rights activists claiming it as a torture on animal who are being treated this way. In this case the nature is offering a similar treatment to Koalas.

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Koalas usually eat poisons rich in Cyanide compounds.
Koalas Food is full of Poisons. The Eucalyptus leaves are always enriched in terms of Cyanide compounds. This Picture belongs to 

Since Koalas have little energy levels, it also means that animal lacks power. And in the nature, the rule of thumb stands that “Only the Fittest One can survive”. Is Koala fit enough in this regard? Does it has enough energy? The answer is to a certain extent Koalas are defenseless mammals. They have very little power of attacking and defense. This gives opportunity to their predators such as Dingoes, Eagles and Hawks etc. Yet still Koala has maintained its existence not even today but for millions of years which has been highly phenomenal for the Koalas.

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Koalas lack energy and have lower energy levels.
Koalas possess lower energy levels. This makes them defenseless, and also they become a nice prey for the Hawks, Eagles and Dingoes if they roam on the ground. This Picture belongs to