Koalas' Eucalyptus Leaves' Preferences during summers and Winters

Koalas possess a certain varying degree of Eucalyptus leaves’ preference during the summers and winter seasons. It is very obvious that during the summer seasons, the weather is fairly hot. The hot weather prompts the animals’ body moisture to be evaporated. In such a scenario the Koalas has to prefer the Eucalyptus leaves that are full of fluid and water contents. On the other hand during the winter season Koalas’ moisturizing preferences in the form of fluid and water contents within the Eucalyptus leaves may wither out a little bit, therefore, they may also prefer to eat leaves that might contain lesser degree of water contents.

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Koalas prefer Moist Leaves during Summer Seasons
Koalas usually prefer Moist Leaves during the summer seasons. Moist leaves are good for the Koalas to fulfill their water Requirements. This picture belongs to 

According to the findings of the researchers, during the hot summer seasons of Australia, Koalas always prefer to have leaves that are fresh with about 65% water contents. This shows that during the summer season, as the water requirement of the Koalas is high, therefore, they prefer those eucalyptus leaves that are more in water. Fresh leaves prove out to be very ideal in this regard.

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Koalas eat more during the summers
Koalas eat more during the summer seasons, because the heat reduces water presence within their bodies, and they have to maintain their water levels within their bodies. This picture belongs to 

On the other hand during the winter seasons, since the heat is less and Koalas remain hydrated, they can even prefer those leaves which have about 51% water and fluid concentration levels. Therefore, depending upon the hot and dry weathers, Koalas’ food preference which is Eucalyptus leaves vary slightly depending upon their own water requirements. Remember Koalas fulfill all of their water requirements from the Eucalyptus leaves, therefore, water contents are their top preferences and during the hot weather, they will always naturally prefer the leaves that are fresh and contain more moisture.

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Koalas prefer less moisturized leaves during winters.
Koalas may prefer leaves that are less moist during the winter season, as their water requirement is not that much higher during the winter seasons as compared to the summer seasons. This picture belongs to