Koalas and Cyanide Compounds

It is a very strange fact that Cyanide which is a very dangerous compound and serves as a poison is a regular dietary routine for Koalas. Eucalyptus leaves are fully capable of comprising of Cyanide Compounds. Koalas not only take these Cyanide Compounds in large quantities, but they also take them in their every meal throughout their entire lifespan. Very strangely, their stomach doesn’t get infected through it, and passes it out of the body after filtering it. After all this analysis it wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that Koalas can be immune to poisons such as Cyanide Compounds.

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Koalas consume Cyanide Compounds.
Koalas also consume cyanide compounds. Cyanide Compounds are highly toxic and poisonous to consume. However, Koalas consume them on the regular basis and stay normal. This picture belongs to 

Cyanide Compounds are present within variety of plantations. They are produced in large quantities within the Eucalyptus trees and are readily available within their leaves. Cyanides are also common within fruits as well and also they are also common within bitter almonds as well. Cyanides within the plants provide the plants a certain degree of cushion as against the herbivores animals. Many antelopes avoid eating such plants which comprise of Cyanides but not the Koalas. Koalas not only take them in large bulks but they have adapted Cyanides as their dietary lifestyle throughout their life.

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Koalas consume Cyanide Compounds through Eucalyptus Leaves.
Koalas do consume these Cyanide Compounds through Eucalyptus leaves. Many other plantation and leaves also possess Cyanide Compounds as well, but Koalas always consume Eucalyptus leaves which are full of cyanide compounds. This picture belongs to 

But does this mean that if the Cyanides are directly given to the Koala will it be survive? And it will also be very cruel from scientists to test such stuffs out. No it may not survive because there is a big difference between the direct consumption of the cyanides and its consumption through the means of plantation. The Eucalyptus leaves come as a complete package comprising of oils, fibers, proteins, tannins and with an additional of cyanides. Koalas’ stomach would have been typically immune to any harmful effects being triggered by the Cyanide Chemicals. But these Cyanides are also present along with other key components through the Eucalyptus leaves. But there is still no evidence that Koalas use these cyanides for their growth and body development. Maybe they just go into the bodies of the Koalas and flush out through there excretory system.

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Koalas indirectly take Cyanide Compounds through Eucalyptus leaves.
Koalas indirectly take Cyanide compounds through consumption of Eucalyptus leaves. This picture belongs to