Koalas and Dehydration

Koalas are highly vulnerable to dehydration. Dehydration can be at a very small level within Koalas or it can be as severe that a Koala may lose its life as well. Dehydration makes Koalas weak. In such a condition Koalas are always vulnerable to the predators. Many other carnivore animals will not lose an opportunity of not attacking weaker and dehydrated Koalas. Dehydration is common in Koalas during the summer seasons. However, there are many different factors that lead to the dehydration among the Koalas. The next paragraphs will specifically take into account different factors that serve as a real danger and booster for Koalas’ dehydration

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Dehydration within Koalas.
Dehydration is very common within Koalas during the summer seasons. The heat enables an individual koala to lose its energy and nutrients, and lack of food triggers dehydrated process. This picture belongs to 

Koalas fulfill their water requirements from their food. Normally Koalas do not get dehydrated, if they are specifically given a proper food. Koalas do not drink water or very rarely drink water if they have to. Even the name of the Koala suggests “No Water” which can be easily translated as a fact that animal has some other source of obtaining moisture and water than drinking water. This typical source for the Koalas is Eucalyptus leaves. However, when these leaves will not be available, a Koala may suffer from dehydration and may eventually lose its life.

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Koalas' Dehydration and water Availability.
Any lack of water causes dehydration. Koalas do not drink water. They fulfill their water requirements through Eucalyptus leaves. Therefore, any lack of eucalyptus leaves, will lower water levels within the Koalas and definitely koalas will suffer from Dehydration. This Picture belongs to 

Another key reason is that Australia is the driest continent in the world. The rain level is very little. During the warm summers Koalas have to eat a lot of leaves. But even then they suffer from a lot of heat and a lot of water is hydrated from their bodies because of direct sunlight exposure. In such a situation, Koalas can also get dehydrated as they will not find any water reserves around and have to eat more. In simple words within Australia during the summers it will be fairly harder for the Koala to find any water reserve specifically during the summer season.

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Koalas face dry conditions which are responsible for dehydration.
Koalas face very dry conditions across Australia, and these dried conditions can be responsible for dehydration within Koalas. This picture belongs to 

Finally, deforestation is another reason for Koalas’ dehydration. Koalas only rely on the Eucalyptus leaves for fulfill their food requirements and hydration needs. If the forests get burnt out, the leaves will be destroyed. No leaves mean no nutrition as well as no water fulfillment for the Koalas. As a result of that the Koalas will simply face the dehydration in most of the cases because of deforestation.

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Deforestation is responsible for Koalas' Dehydration.
Deforestation is also responsible for Koalas' Dehydration as Koalas find lesser eucalyptus leafs on which Koalas are primarily dependent for their water intake. This Picture belongs to 

Therefore, lack of water availability (koalas rarely drink water), dependence on the Eucalyptus leaves, deforestation and warmest of Australian climates are the core reasons behind the dehydration among the Koalas.

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Koalas' Dehydration and factors responsible.
Dehydration factors for the Koalas included lack of water dependence, scarce Eucalyptus leaves, warmest of climates and deforestation. This picture belongs to