Koalas' Preference for Leaves Having Higher Nitrogen Levels

Normally a Koala in any circumstances will always prefer those eucalyptus leaves that are relatively higher in terms of their nitrogen levels. This is not unusual for the Koalas, because many other living beings also prefer those parts of the leaves that are higher within the nitrogen levels. A study on the insects also proved that the higher nitrogen levels were the key areas of the leaves that were consumed by insects and also by the bacteria as well. Therefore, it is very natural for the Koalas to prefer the nitrogen enriched leaves, because they are more abundant in terms of nutrition and can offer a better degree of nourishment to the Koalas.

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Koalas prefer leaves with higher nitrogen levels.
Koalas prefer those leaves that are enriched with higher Nitrogen levels as compared to the leaves that have lower nitrogen levels. This picture belongs to 

Nitrogen is essential for the Koalas, because it helps the Koalas to maintain their energy levels. Nitrogen helps in making chemical reactions with proteins, which helps the Koalas to build strong muscles as well. Strong muscles and good energy levels are important for Koalas to remain active and survive in the environment.

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Koalas prefer Nitrogen Leaves.
Koalas Prefer Nitrogen Leaves. They have a good sense of smell to determine the level of nitrogen being present within the leaves. This picture belongs to 

It is very important to note that Nitrogen is higher only in those leaves that are healthy and contain more nutrition. Therefore, Koalas in this regard have developed very active sense of smell for their preference of nitrogen enriched leaves. Moreover, nitrogen helps the leaves to be greener. A greener leaf means more water contents as well as more nutrients within the leaves. Finally, for Koalas, such leaves are good for their active lifestyle and even their survival as well. Just like many other mammals, nitrogen serves as a great component for Healthy Koala foods.

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Koalas prefer nitrogen leaves because they are healthy.
Koalas prefer Nitrogen Leaves as their food because Nitrogen leaves are more healthy. They contain more nutrition and better calories for the Koalas. This picture belongs to