It Took 10 years for Aboriginal Australians to Spot and Recognize Koalas

Aboriginal Australians when started exploring Australian flora and Fauna, it took them almost 10 years to spot and recognize Koalas. Therefore, even with the presence of the humans, Koalas were just so much un-harmful and self-indulged creatures, that an exploring naked eye of many researchers failed to recognized and for 10 years of time. This also shows that how calm this animal really is and it rarely intervenes anyone else’s business. Maybe it might well be this core reason that Koalas were almost obscure to the aboriginal Australian inhabitants that it took them a time of almost of a whole decade.

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Koala's first Spotting took about 10 years.
It took about 10 years for the Earlier Australian Inhabitants to Spot Koalas. This Picture belongs to  

There can be as many as gobs of reasons that why it took so long for the early European Dwellers which are also called as Aboriginal Australians to spot and recognize Koalas. They mentioned a lot of animals but within their writings, no reference or no hint could be related to the Koalas, unless one reads the writings of the Aboriginal Australians about 10 years later. Perhaps there were already too much animals for an apparent eye at Australia that it was too much over-ambitious at that time to explore further animals. “Maybe and May not be”

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Koalas were spotted after 10 years.
Koalas were spotted after 10 years after the arrival of the people at the Australian continent. This Picture belongs to 

First reason would be that Koalas are very solitary animals. They do not live in groups like monkeys. Their solitary nature would have allowed them to live alone, in peace without creating much attention to the humans. Therefore, one or two animals within one territory, would have certainly made very hard for the aboriginal Australians to notice them as well.

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Koalas live alone, therefore, they were spotted late.
Koalas live alone, maybe that could be the core reason for their spotting being so late. This Picture belongs to 

Secondly the Koalas don’t live at the bottom of the trees. Their habitat is not on the ground but at the trees. Moreover, on the trees they live at the top branches where fresh leaves are specifically available. The eucalyptus trees are very long and tall and from the ground level, it just might be very hard to spot the Koalas. This could be the core reason that it took ten years for the Native Aboriginal Australians to spot and recognize the Koala.

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Koalas live at the top of Eucalyptus trees.
Koalas live at the top of the Eucalyptus trees, therefore, it wasn't easy for the early inhabitants to spot Koalas. 

Another reason can be that many people would have spotted Koalas during the earlier times, but they would have failed to understand their unique existence. They would have definitely confused Koalas with monkeys, bears and sloths. Koalas sleep 20 hours a day, many people who would have watched them and still would have related them with the likes of bears, monkeys or sloths for sure as, if any of these animals was on the sleep. Koalas became active only at night, where it was barely any chance for the humans to exactly spot them as a separate species. Therefore, it could be the core reason that it would have taken a lot time for the aboriginal Australians to recognize and classify the Koalas as separate species.

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Koalas have unique existence but early Australian settlers failed to understood it.
Early Australian Settlers, failed to understand Koalas' unique existence, and confused it with many other tree climbing mammals. This Picture belongs to